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SAP PP Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31.        What are the options for the material staging from a warehouse management system? (more than one option is correct)
a)        Create parts are ordered manually
b)        Release order parts are ordered manually
c)        Pick parts are provided for the production order in exactly the same quantity as the requirements quantity
d)        Release order parts are ordered automatically
Answer: a, b &c

32.        Consider a product scenario where there is high product stability, high repetition rates, and low product complexity. What type of manufacturing do you suggest?
a)        Mass manufacturing
b)        Bulk manufacturing
c)        Repetitive manufacturing
d)        Order based manufacturing
Answer: c

33.        A distinctive feature of you company is a relatively constant consumption of materials. For this reason, you want to process the material flow to the work centers in production of your company in an event-drive manner. Is there any possibility in SAP?
a)        No this is not possible
b)        SAP-SCM KANBAN
Answer: b

34.        What is the industry standard that uses COM/DCOM technology to define manufacturer-independent interfaces for the industrial usage area?
a)        SAP COM/COM model
b)        SAP OPC
c)        SAP OCOM
d)        SAP OLE
Answer:  b

35.        As a production manager how do you enable process operations parallel to and independent of other operations?
a)        Parallel sequences
b)        Successor relationships
c)        Control sequences
d)        Linked sequences
Answer:  a  

36.        What is the difference between regenerative planning and net change planning?
a)        Planning all materials from the planning file, you can only plan materials for which planning file exists.
b)        Planning all materials bases on demand, you plan all materials bases on previous production
c)        Planning all materials parallel, planning all materials from previous planning file
d)        Planning all material online , planning is carried out as a background job
Answer:  a

37.        What is the report that collects all important information about a work center or a hierarchy of work centers of a shift?
a)        Shift report
b)        Shift transfer report
c)        Transfer report
d)        Shirt work center report
Answer:  a

38.        What is the indicator that controls whether a valuated or non-valuated goods receipt should be made and on what are the criteria that this indicator is dependent upon? (more than one option is correct)
a)        The stock type indicator
b)        The GR valuation indicator
c)        Material type of the product and account assignment
d)        Demand and Supply
Answer:  b & c

39.        Settlement in product cost controller is based on? (more than one option is correct)
a)        Period-oriented
b)        Costs of the  product cost controller
c)        Order settlement
d)        No settlement rule
Answer:  a & b

40. Material BOM that is created without plant is called______________
a) Reference BOM
b) Master BOM
c) Group BOM
d) Master group
Ans: c

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