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Store Keeper Objective type Questions and Answers

6.  An important aspect of stock control involves:
A. ? finding one’s way around the Stores Department.
B. ? looking after cattle on a ranch or farm.
C. ? ensuring the right items are always available when needed.
D. ? counting the number of staff working in the Store.
Ans: C
7. Stores and Sales Departments must work in co-operation to ensure:
A. ? that the staff of the two departments do not become confused.
B. ? that Stores does not hold stocks of items which cannot be sold.
C. ? that customers know which department to order from.
D. ? that they are not dominated by the Production Department.
Ans: B

8. The Stores Department is said to be “nonproductive” because:
A. ? its staff are lazy and do very little work.
B. ? it is of no value to the enterprise of which it forms part.
C. ? its manager does not produce reports required by top management.
D. ? it is not directly involved in revenue-earning activities.
Ans: D
9. The essential function of a Stores Department is to provide:
A. ? an efficient service to all other departments of an enterprise.
B. ? a retail outlet from which to sell goods to consumers.
C. ? a reason to employ additional staff.
D. ? a place in which to house unwanted items.
Ans: A

10. Efficient stores management is vital to ensure that:
A. ? good production and/or sales and profits are maintained.
B. ? delays in issuing materials will slow down production.
C. ? fewer items will be issued and used, so money will be saved.
D. ? customers will not need to return for further supplies.
Ans: A

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