Sunday, 30 August 2015

Most Recently Asked Adobe Illustrator Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

21. You are creating a page that will become a web page. Which units should you set in your preferences.
a. picas
b. points
c. inches
d. pixels
Ans: d

22. You wish to change the color of the stroke on an object. You should...
a. Click the color in the swatch, then select the stroke tool
b. Stroke color must be selected before creating the object.
c. Click the stroke tool at the bottom of tool box and select a color
d. Click the bounding box and then select a color
Ans: c

23. Which of the following operations must be accomplished in order to add a new color to your color swatches?
a. Command+click the new swatch on the swatches panel
b. Click the new swatch button on the swatches panel
c. Option+click the new swatch on the swatches panel
d. Drag the new swatch to the swatch menu
Ans: a

24. Which of the following tools will cut a path into two different paths.
a. scissors tool
b. knife tool
c. bisect tool
d. transform tool
Ans: a

25. You have expanded your image in order to work on some detail. Which of the following is the quickest way to return the display to the original size?
a. double-click the scaling tool
b. double click off the artboard
c. double-click the hand tool.
d. double-click the magnifying glass tool
Ans: c

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