Sunday, 30 August 2015

Adobe Illustrator Multiple choice Questions & Answers

6. Which of the following correctly defines the method by which Adobe Illustrator creates images.
a. Raster
b. Encryption
c. Extrapolation
d. Vector
Ans: d

7. Pick the correct procedure to draw a perfect square in Adobe Illustrator.
a. choose the rectangle tool, hold shift, and drag the cursor diagonally.
b. input the square's side dimensions.
c. double click the polygon tool
d. select the square polygon tool and click any open area
Ans: a

8. Which of the following is used to convert a raster image to a vector image?
a. Live Trace
b. Live Pixels
c. Live Convert
d. Live Paint
Ans:  a

9. Selected tools from the toolbox will remain selected...
a. For approximately 15 seconds.
b. Until the computer is off line.
c. Until the software is shut down.
d. Until another tool is selected.
Ans:  d

10. Which solution listed below will fill an object.
a. select the color tool and hit return on the keyboard
b. select the object and then a color from the color palette
c. select a brush and paint the color inside the object
d. simply use the paint bucket
Ans: b

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