Sunday, 30 August 2015

Page 4 Adobe Illustrator Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

16. Which of the following will reduce an object PROPORTIONALLY?
a. Drag the handles of the bounding box while depressing "option"
b. Drag the handles on the bounding box.
c. Drag the handles on the bounding box while depressing "Shift".
d. Drag the handles and hold F4 while dragging
Ans: c

17. Which of the following does the "Paragraph" menu NOT operate?
a. Indentation
b. Leading
c. Hyphenation
d. Format
Ans: b

18. Select from the following choices, an operation controlled by the "Character" menu.
a. format
b. type color
c. leading
d. hyphenation
Ans: c

19. How do you create type that follows the shape of a path or an object?
a. It can't be done.
b. Use the Pathfinder tool
c. Use the Path Type Tool
d. Deselect the Path
Ans: c

20. A line that is drawn in Adobe Illustrator that finishes where it began is called a...
a. Open Path
b. Symbol
c. Closed Path
d. Closed Vector
Ans: c

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