Sunday, 30 August 2015

Adobe Illustrator Objective Type Questions

31. What is a "gradient fill"?
a. 50% of one color, plus 50% of another color
b. A tint of a PMS Swatch
c. 75% of one color, plus 25% of another color
d. A graduated blend of two or more colors within a closed path
Ans: d

32. How do you change the color in a "Mesh"?
a. Delete the color and then reset it with the swatch selection tool
b. Fill the mesh with the paint bucket tool after selecting a mesh point
c. Fill the mesh with the brush tool after grouping the objects
d. Use the direct selection tool, select a mesh point, then select the color
Ans: d

33. How do you hide an Adobe Illustrator layer?
a. name the layer "Invisible Layer"
b. click on the pencil at the left of the layer name
c. adjust the gamma layer for "Invisible"
d. click off the eye on the left of the layer name
Ans: d

34. A curve created in Adobe Illustrator is commonly referred to as a...
a. Bezier Curve
b. Venus Curve
c. curved vector solution
d. Razerian Curve
Ans: a

35. The two overlapping boxes at the bottom of the Adobe Illustrator toolbox control...
a. stroke and shadow
b. fill and stroke
c. history and undo
d. texture and gamma
Ans: b

36. A simple straight line drawn with the pen tool is also known as a...
a. pathway
b. frame
c. path
d. frameset
Ans: c

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