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3DS MAX Quiz Questions and Answers pdf

11. which can change an object's geometrical structure, deforming it in some way.
a. Tweens
b. Modifier Stack
c. Modifiers
d. Origin
Ans: c

12. Which is a type of helper object you can create whenever you need a local reference grid or construction plane somewhere other than the home grid.
a. Grid Object
b. Object
c. Sub-object
d. Grids
Ans: a

13. which records  the beginning and end of each transformation of an object or element in the scene.
a. Faces
b. Vectors
c. Keyframes
d. Vertex
Ans: c

14. A wireframe box that encloses the extents of an object is called_________.
a. Origin
b. Bounding Box
c. Modifiers
d. Animation
Ans: b

15. which is a setting or value that you can change.
b. Parameter
c. Frame Rate
d. Vertex
Ans: b

16. which provides quick access to tools and dialog boxes for many of the most common tasks in 3DS Max.
a. Status Bar
b. Title Bar
c. Menu Bar
d. Main Toolbar
Ans: d

17. What is the display area of the user interface that allows you to view and manipulate the modifiers on an object.
a. Title Bar
b. Modifier Stack
c. Material
d. Modifiers
Ans: b

18. Area of the User Interface where the objects are displayed is called_________
a. Vectors
b. Gizmo
c. Viewport
d. ViewCube
Ans: c

19. an arbitrary point in space is used as the __________
a. Grids
b. Spline
c. Object
d. Origin
Ans: d

20. which used to describe the placement and transformation of maps
a. Tile
b. Mesh
c. Edge
d. UVW
Ans: d
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