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56 TOP 3DS MAX Objective Questions and Answers | 3DS Max Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. a type of geometric model of a three-dimensional object in which the basic shape is made up of points, or vertices, connected by edges
a. Maps
d. Mesh
Ans: d

2. Which  comprises six user-interface panels that give you access to most of the modeling features of 3ds Max, as well as some animation features, display choices, and miscellaneous utilities.
 a. Material
b. Render
c. Frame Rate
d. Command Panel
Ans: d

3. Which is a type of deformable object. It provides controls for manipulating a mesh object made up of triangular faces as an object and at three sub-object levels: vertex, edge and face.
a. Element
b. Keyframes
c. Editable Mesh
d. Title Bar
Ans: c

4. _________ is a polygonal mesh; that is, unlike an editable mesh, it uses more than three-sided polygons.
a. Viewport
b. Title Bar
c. Editable Poly
d. Editable Mesh
Ans: c

5. which Displays animation keys and frame numbers, can be "scrubbed" to quickly view the results of the animation created.
a. Tile
b. Title Bar
c. Time Slider
d. Render
Ans: c

6. which is the color that an object reflects when illuminated by "good lighting." Also referred to as its natural color.
a. Editable Poly
b. Title Bar
c. Specular color
d. Diffuse Color
Ans: d
7. Which  is a single point in a graphic image.
a. Faces
b. Pixel
c. Edge
d. Spline
Ans: b

8. what is called when Two dimensional view of an object , as seen from the Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, or Right.
a. Isometric View
b. Orthographic Views
c. Modifiers
d. Perspective View
Ans: b

9. which is the portion of a spline between two vertices
a. Element
b. Segment
c. Tweens
d. Extents
Ans: b

10. An objects maximum dimensions in X, Y, and Z is called_____________.
a. Segment
b. Extents
c. Element
d. Tweens
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