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Page 3 3DS MAX Quiz Questions & Answers

21. which specifies  the placement, orientation, and scale of a map on the geometry.
a. Main Toolbar
b. Mapping Coordinates
c. Frame Rate
d. Material Editor
Ans: b

22. Which is used to replicate an image used as a map.
a. Tile
b. Pixel
c. Tweens
d. Edge
Ans: a

23. which is used To output the image or scene with camera, lights, shadows, modifiers, and materials applied to it.
a. Vertex
b. Render
c. Grids
d. Mesh
Ans: b

24. which is a straight or curved line that connects two vertices in a mesh object or spline.
a. Render
b. Vertex
c. Tile
d. Edge
Ans: d

25. images generated by the computer in between the keyframes is called________
a. Tweens
b. Faces
c. Tile
d. Grids
Ans: a

26. which viewport display setting that lets you view objects in a given viewport as a wire mesh.
a. Wireframe
b. Frame Rate
c. ViewCube
d. Workflow
Ans: a

27. which contains information about the scene and the active command.
a. Material
b. Title Bar
c. Status Bar
d. Menu Bar
Ans: c

28. which is an icon-based menu available from any button that has a small black triangle
a. Polygons
b. Flyout
c. Faces
d. Object
Ans: b

29. a collection of vertices and connecting segments that form a line or curve is called_________.
a. Tile
b. Origin
c. Spline
Ans: c

30. which is the standard time display format for most professional animation work.
a. Maps
c. Vertex
d. Tile
Ans: b
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