Monday, 21 September 2015

Agile Testing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21.Who can be the best user proxy?
A. ScrumMaster
B. Customers
C. Agile coach
D. Developer
Ans: B

22.What do you infer from this following user story? “As a sales agent, I want a client search feature so that I can find my preferred clients quickly and easily.”
A. Good. No additional information required.
B. Good. Need clarification on “quick and easy” for UI testing.
C. NOT good. Too big.
D. NOT good. Too small.
Ans: B

23.Wireframes and prototypes are widely used as part of?
A. High-level design
B. Detailed design
C. Empirical design
D. None of the above
Ans: C

24.What is NOT an Agile methodology?
A. Extreme programming (XP)
B. Scrum
C. Crystal Clear
Ans: D

25.Iterative development is NOT a good idea for?
A. Back end development
B. Front end development
C. Middleware development
D. Software development
Ans: B

26.Department manager calls you and asks you if you can present an elevator statement to an executive who is planning to make a quick stop in your city for a town hall meeting. He also asks you how much time he need to slot in the agenda.
A. Give him an 0CM of 30 minutes
B. Tell him that you will get back to him.
C. Two minutes and nothing more than that.
D. It depends on the size and complexity of your project.
Ans: C

27.Which Agile methodology advocates the use of problem domain?
A. Extreme programming (XP)
B. Feature-Driven Development (FDD.
C. Scrum
D. Evo
Ans: B

28.According to Declaration of Interdependence (DOl), risk is an expected entity for a project. How is risk tackled in an Agile environment according to DOl?
A. Risk is unmanageable so it should be ignored.
B. Through iterations, anticipation and adaptation.
C. Through continuous integration.
D. Through pair programming.
Ans: B

29.You are a coach facilitating retrospective meeting. What is the main purpose of this meeting that facilitator need to ensure during the meeting?
A. Peer pressure, Fine-grain coordination, Focusing on the few, Daily commitment and Raising impediments.
B. Know the work, Get a fresh start, Commit to shared goals and Create focus and abundance.
C. True-up, Show and tell, Get direct feedback, Offer insights and Ask for help.
D. Inspect and adapt. Look back at how, not what Do (even) better next time.
Ans: D

30.How do you implement action items captured in retrospective meeting?
A. As overhead items in the upcoming release.
B. As overhead items In the current release.
C. Update the Product backlog and prioritize in the next Iteration planning meeting to implement in coming iteration.
D. Utilize the project slack.
Ans: C

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