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Agile Testing Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31.You are an experienced developer working on a project following Extreme programming (XP). A rookie developer joined your team recently and you see him copy-pasting code from one module to another and running unit tests. What do you think he is doing?
A. He is stealing some ones intellectual property.
B. He Is doing alright. You are allowed to copy paste colleagues code.
C. He is in violation of a design principle called DRY.
D. He is in violation of organization policy.
Ans: C

32.How are EVM metrics used in Agile?
A. They are used to prioritize projects.
B. They are used to monitor project performance
C. They are used to analyze risk.
D. They are used to measure coach’s performance.
Ans: B

33.Before a tester begins the process of exploratory testing, what tool should he have in place to give him an idea of what to explore in the systems and what kinds of things to look for?
A. A Roadmap
B. A Bug List
C. A Defect Document
D. A Charter
Ans: D

34.What type of report provides a bird’s-eye view of the project. It may be produced when the teams updates their release plan, and will allow them to show their progress and predict a completion date.
A. A Burn-up chart
B. A Time Usage Chart
C. An Iteration Plan
D. A Management Report
Ans: A

35.Collaboration requires that the team must take joint responsibility for their work. In order for this to effectively take place, what must the team members build?
A. A definition of done
B. Continuous flow
C. Trust
D. An information radiator
Ans: C

36.In Agile development, when a developer estimates a story point by gauging the amount of effort required to complete a task based on the amount of time she will have to focus exclusively on the task, with no interruptions, what estimate unit is she using?
A. Ideal Time
B. Velocity
C. Alternative Time
D. Time box
Ans: A

37.What two things should be completed before moving on to the next iteration planning begins?
A. the commitment ceremony and an iteration demo
B. emergency request and an iteration demo
C. a retrospective and the commitment ceremony
D. an iteration demo and a retrospective
Ans: D

38.This high-level initial estimate of the requirements is maintained by the Project Owner throughout the entire project. It is dynamic because management can constantly change it to reflect the needs of an evolving product, and its environment.
A. A Timebox
B. A Product Backlog
C. An Iteration
D. A Sprint Backlog
Ans: B

39.The intersection of a trend line for work remaining (or backlog) and the horizontal axis indicating the most probable completion of work at the point in time would be found in which graphical chart?
A. Burn-up chart
B. Velocity graph
C. Burndown chart
D. Execution chart
Ans: C

40.During this Team meeting everyone provides a status update to the other team members. It a 10-15 minute semi-real-time’ status meeting that allows participants to become aware of potential challenges as well as coordinate efforts to resolve difficult and/or time-consuming issues.
A. Brevity Meetings
B. Collaboration Meeting
C. Brown Bag Meetings
D. Daily Stand-ups
Ans: D

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