Monday, 21 September 2015

Agile Testing Objective type Questions and Answers

11.If a team can complete 10 story points In an iteration then how long will it take for the team to complete 100 story points?
A. 10 Iterations
B. 10 waves
C. 20 Iterations
D. 20 waves
Ans: A

12.What is NOT a characteristics of a good user story?
A. Value
B. Negotiable
C. Estimatable
D. Dependant
Ans: D

13.What Agile principle can help in chaordic situation?
A. Incremental delivery
B. Continuous Integration
C. PMO policy
D. Latest technology
Ans: A

14.For one of your product, optimal cost of change (CoC. was estimated to be 100 story points but at the end of the iteration actual C0C was found to be 200 story points. What is the Technical debt that your project had encountered (if any)?
A. None. “Velocity” the great equalizer will take care of Technical debt.
B. None. Your developers will work extended hours to pay back the Technical debt in next iteration so it can be ignored for now.
C. 100 Story points
D. 200 Story points
Ans: C

15.A person who makes decision and practices Scrum to the core is performing what role?
A. Pig
B. Chicken
C. Scrum Master
D. Scrum Team
Ans: A

16.What does “Timeboxed” means in Agile terms?
A. Fast
B. Flexible
C. Frequent
D. Fixed
Ans: D

17.According to Agile manifesto what carries more value?
A. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
B. Individuals and interactions over people and technique.
C. Individuals and interactions over projects and tools.
D. Individuals and interactions over products and tools.
Ans: A

18.There was an Issue In your project and your manager kept asking “why?’ several times. What is he doing?
A. He Is executing collaboration.
B. He is executing “Five whys” a Lean tool.
C. He Is executing “get your attention” tool.
D. None of the above
Ans: B

19.How does tools like FIT and Fitness compliment Agile?
A. Automated Acceptance Tests
B. Continuous Integration
C. Unit Test
D. Code coverage metrics
Ans: A

20.You are working on a newly formed Agile team. Your coach gathers the team and asks every one to close their eyes and start counting one at a time, synchronously. What is the coach trying to do with this exercise?
A. Collaborating using circle counting game.
B. Coordinating using mute mapping game.
C. Consensus gathering using some random game he Invented.
D. Consent gathering using some random game he Invented.
Ans: A

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