Monday, 21 September 2015

Top 80 Agile Testing Objective type Questions and Answers

1.Involving the team in Planning and Estimating and providing early feedback on Delivery Velocity is BEST used to mitigate what kind of risk? 
A.   Schedule flaws
B.   Requirements creep
C.   Employee turnover
D.   Poor productivity
Ans: A

2.Which of the following is the BEST approach for estimation? 
A.  Expert opinion
B.  Analogy
C.  Disaggregation
D.  A combination of all of the above

3.When forming an Agile project team it is BEST to use: 
A.    Generalized Specialists
B.    Top management officials
C.    Highly specialized developers
D.    All of the above

4.What is the unit of measurement that is used to measure the size of a user story for an Agile project? 
A.   Function points
B.   Story points
C.   Work breakdown points
D.    Velocity points
Ans: B

5.How is Agile planning different from the traditional approach to planning?
A. Agile planning is done only once
B. Agile planning is non iterative
C. Agile planning places emphasis on the plan
D. Agile planning places emphasis on planning and is iterative
Ans: D

6.When analyzing processes, what becomes increasingly significant for managers to understand in regards to individual skills? 
A. A group understanding of processes allows teams to execute their jobs more effectively and efficiently, hut it can never substitute skill
B. A process is more easily developed when the customer is more directly involved in its development
C. Skilled individuals are not necessarily required to be involved w’ith analyzing processes
D. Skill sets are absolutely crucial in the planning and execution of specific processes, html not its analysis
Ans: A

7.The 1OCCSS of testing Delivered or “done done” stones is known as: 
A.    Unit Testing
B.    Integration Testing
C.    Exploratory Testing
D.    Release Testing
Ans: C

8.Which of the following is NOT one of the five core risk areas common to all projects? 
A.   Specification Breakdown
B.   Scope Creep
C.   Strategic Alienation
D.   Intrinsic Schedule Flaw
Ans: C

9.A Persona used within an Agile user story can he thought of as: 
A.   A person who viIl only use the application infrequently
B.   A person who will influence early adopters of the application
C.   A formally-assigned user-acceptance tester
D.   An imaginary representation of a user role
Ans: D

10.What are the benefits of using Sidky Agile Measurement Index (SAMI) to measure agility of your organization?
A. Return on time invested (ROTI) can be calculated quickly and accurately.
B. Avoid random selection of methodology, make sure practices work coherently and ensure practices focus on value delivery.
C. Perform Earned value management (EVM).
D. Avoid risk on critical projects.
Ans: B

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