Saturday, 5 September 2015

Most Recently Asked SAP PP Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. Component in the BOM are allocated to operation in
a) BOM
b) Material Master
c) Routing
d) Work Center
Ans: c

42. Alternative BOMs are grouped under one internal number and are called__________
a) Multiple BOM
b) Variant BOM
c) Variable BOM
d) Super BOM
e) Header BOM

43. BOM can be used for the following
a) MRP
b) Costing
c) Inspection data
d) Sales & Distribution
Ans: a, b, c, d

44. The base quantity in the BOM specifies
a) To which amount of the semi finished product the item quantities refer
b) To which amount the item quantities required for two or more finished products
c) To which amount of the finished product the item quantities refer
d) To which amount the item quantities are not calculated.
Ans: a, b, c

45. Work Center is used in
a) Routing
b) BOM
c) Material Master
d) Inspection Plans
Ans: a, d

46. Routing contains information on the following
a) Material Components
b) Operations
c) Capacity for Work Centers
d) Inspection Characteristics
Ans: a, b, c

47. BOMs are always created as 
a) Single Level
b) Multi Level
c) Components
d) Along with routings
Ans: a

48. In case of roll out project what key consideration needs to be identified in the initial phase of the project?
a. Business processes applicable to the location from the template.
b. Local organization needs that require adoption to the template.
c. Statutory need of the local organization.
d. Impact of local process to the template.
Ans: A

49. Production Planning Module is integrated with the following modules.
a) Material Management
b) Controlling
c) Quality Management
d) Sales & Distribution
Ans: a, b, c, d

50. Movement Type for Goods Receipt in to Ware House 
a) 122
b) 123
c) 101
d) 102
Ans: c

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