Friday, 4 September 2015

Recruitement Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. According to Bates et al. (2008), what is the top attribute employers are looking for?
A. Specific technical skills.
B. Qualification.
C. Generic skills.
D. Motivation/attitude.
E. Number of years of work experience.
Ans: D

22 .     Which of the following is a common reason for using headhunters in recruitment? 
A. It leads to the appointment of individuals who stay for longer periods of time
B. It is less expensive than advertising a position
C. It allows confidential channels of communication to be opened to individuals working for competitors
D. It produces a good cross-section of applicants
Ans: C

23 .     What is being described here?
A firm which books advertising space, draws up recruitment advertisements, places them in newspapers / journals and evaluates the results.
A. an employment agency
B. a recruitment advertising agency
C. an executive search consultancy
D. a selection consultancy
Ans: B

24 .     Which of the following national newspapers has had the greatest share of recruitment advertising in recent years? 
A. Times
B. Telegraph
C. Sunday Times
D. Guardian
Ans: D

25 .     What is being described here?
The process by which employers advertising jobs on the web get bombarded with applications from thousands of interested jobseekers. 
A. spamming
B. bombing
C. jetting
D. flooding
Ans: A

26.     Which of the following reasons given for screening out candidates prior to shortlisting could be open to legal challenge? 
A. unmarried applicants
B. unemployed applicants
C. hand written applications
D. applications from non-graduates
Ans: A

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