Friday, 4 September 2015

Top 20 SAP ABAP Webdynpro Objective type Questions and Answers

1) Eliminate the Event that is not part of Webdynpro  
Ans: b

2) What is the Cardinality for the Node created for storing the Table

      a) 1:1
      b) 0:1
      c) n:n
      d) 0:n
Ans: d

3) What is the equivalent for Transaction in Webdynpro
      a) Application
      b) Component Controller
      c) Interface Controller
      d) Plugs
Ans: a

4) The Webdynpro Programming model is based on
      a)Classic Dynpro Programming
      b)Business Server Pages(BSP)
      c)Model View Controller(MVC)
      d)Internet Transaction Server(ITS)
Ans: c

5) The UI Element and the Context Attributes of Webdynpro are linked. The process of doing this is called
      a) Binding
      b) Linking
      c) UI Linkage
      d) UI Link
Ans: a

6) A webdynpro Component consists of the below items except
      a) UI elements
      b) Component Controller
      c) Window
      d) Views
Ans: a

7) Identify a layout that is not part of the Webdynpro Layout types
      a) Flow Layout
      b) Row  Layout
      c) Grid Layout
      d) Tree Layout
Ans: d

8) Where does the Business Logic exists in the Webdynpro Component
      a) Methods of the view
      b) Methods of the Controller
      c) Assistance Class
      d) None of the above
Ans: c

9) How do you access the attributes declared in component controller in the method of a view
      Ex: emp_id type numc10
      a) wd_comp->emp_id
      b) wd_Comp_controller->emp_id
      c) wd_controller->emp_id
      d) wd_this->emp_id
Ans: b

10) which method do you use to read the contents of a internal table displayed in the webdynpro window
Ans: a

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