Friday, 4 September 2015

SAP ABAP Webdynpro Objective type Questions and Answers

11) Which method do you use to read the contents of a attribute attached to the context node.
Ans: c

12) Identify a Cardinality type that is not part of webdynpro.
      a) N:N
      b) 0:1
      d) 1:1
      c) 0:N
Ans: a

13) which data type do you use to declare a visibility attribute in webdynpro
      c) ABAP_TRUE
      d) BOOLEAN
Ans: b

14) Passing Parameters to webydnpro Application using the Applicatino URL are called_________Parameters
      a)Command Parameters
      b)Commandline Parameters
      c)Command Operators
      d)Ternary Parameters
Ans: b

15) A View in Webdynpro is associated with _______ in SAP GUI.
      a) View
      b) Transaction
      c) Dynpro
      d) Screen
Ans: d

16) Identify a Window Outbound Plug type to exit the View completely
      a) Standard Plug type
      b) Suspend Plug type
      c) Exit Plug type
      d) Inbound Plug type
Ans: c

17) which standard WD component is used to build ALV in Webdynpro
      a) SALV_WD_TABLE
      c) AVL_TABLE
      d) None of the above
Ans: a

18) What is the right sequence of event trigger in Webdynpro
      1-WDDOINIT of Component Controller
      2-WDDOINIT of View
      3-WDDOINIT of Window
     a) 3 1 2
     b) 1 3 1
     c) 1 3 2
     d) 2 1 3
Ans: c

19) Which of the Below is not a Valid Webdynpro UI element
     a) Button
     b) Page Header
     c) Message Area
     d) Transparent View
Ans: d

20) Can a view container have more than one view active at a time.
     a) Yes
     b) No
     c) Depends on the Binding
     d) Depends on the Mapping
Ans: b

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