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SAP PP Objective type Questions and Answers

11. A plant can be a physical plant or a logical section of a plant
a) Yes
b) No.
Ans: a

12. Storage locations are areas where materials are stored within a plant
a) Yes
b) No.
Ans: a

13. A purchasing organization can buy for a number of plants
a) Yes
b) No.
Ans: a

14. A purchasing group is a sub-set of a purchasing organization
a) Yes
b) No.
Ans: a

15.  Strategy Group is relevant for Material Requirement Planning
a) True
b) False
Ans: a

16. MRP can be caried out at :
a) Plant Level
b) All Routings
c) Single item – single level
d) Single item – multiple level
Ans: a, c, d

17. In Material Requirement Planning
a) Material availability is ensured
b) If shortage exists the corresponding elements are planned
c) Stock transfers are also possible
d) The availability of the components is ensured via dependent requirements
Ans: d

18. With Make – to Stock strategy 10
a) MRP run considers only Sales Orders
b) MRP run considers only PIR
c) MRP run considers both Sales Order & PIR
d) Sales Order can consume PIR
Ans: b

19. The Individual / Collective indicator in the material Master determines
a) Whether a component is procured for a special customer requirement in the individual segment
b) Requirement quantities of dependent materials are grouped together during MRP run
c) The Material Requirement Planning
d) The Special Procurement.
Ans: c

20. ATP – Available to Promise (Availability check)
a) System checks if all issues are covered by existing receipts
b) Checks if receipts’ quantity still available to cover newly received issues
Ans: a

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