Monday, 7 September 2015

Program delevery manager Objective type Questions and Answers

6. "To construct a high-quality, custom home within five months at costs not to exceed $150,000" is best classified as
A) A deliverable
B) A milestone
C) An objective
D) A limit
E) An exclusion
Ans: c

7. The highest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the WBS is
A) A work package
B) Sub deliverables
C) A cost account
D) Major deliverables
E) The project
Ans: e

8. The tendency for the project deliverables to expand over time-usually by changing requirements, specifications, and priorities-is called:
A) Scope erosion
B) Scope creep
C) Project bloat
D) Scope enhancement
E) Project add-ons
Ans: b

9. As a project manager of a large product - you and your team have shipped the deliverables to your customer. However the customer has reported a number of serious issues in the quality of deliverables - as a result of which the cost of quality of your project is deemed high. In the above scenario which type of cost would have caused the cost of quality to increase ?
A. Less Rework.
B. Higher productivity.
C. Lower costs.
D. Increased stakeholder satisfaction.
Ans: d

10. You and your team have worked hard and are about to successfully deliver the project. The customer is also happy with the deliverables and overall everyone is happy with how the project was delivered. You have written up the performance reviews of each individual in the project team .As a Project Manager in your current organization you know that the team will get disbanded and in the next project you may not get the same team members who so successfully delivered the current project. What kind of Organization Structure does this represent?
A. Weak Matrix
B. Balanced Matrix
C. Projectized
D. Functional
Ans: c

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