Monday, 7 September 2015

Top 14 Program delevery manager Objective type Questions and Answers

1. In a phased project, phase end meetings are used to sign-off on the deliverables associated with that phase. These phase end points typically provide a good opportunity to evaluate the progress and performance in that particular phase. Which of the following terms is synonymous for phase end?
a. Phase exits
b. Kill points
c. Milestones
d. All of the above
Ans: d

2. In order to ensure that all project deliverables are complete during project closure, a project manager needs to measure prior information from the previous phase closures. From the following list, select the documents the project manager would use and review to measure project scope and ensure completion of deliverables before considering the project closed.
a. Scope management plan
b. Project charter
c. Project management plan
d. Work breakdown structure
Ans: c

3. Validated deliverables is an input to which of the following processes?
A. Collect Requirements
B. Define Scope
C. Create WBS
D. Validate Scope
Ans: d

4. Validate Scope can be BEST described as the process of
a. Validating that the project quality requirements have been met
b. Obtaining stakeholder's formal acceptance of the project deliverables
c. Controlling changes to the scope of the project
d. Validating that all of the project's objectives have been met
Ans: b

5. An expected output over the life of a project would be classified as
A) A deliverable
B) A product
C) An end object
D) An objective
E) A target
Ans: a

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