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Most Recently Asked Windows Server 2003 Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41) Which of the following is the criterion most commonly used to filter files for backup jobs?
  A. Filename
  B. File extension
  C. File attributes
  D. File size
Ans:  C

42) You are planning the deployment of Windows Server 2003 computers for a department of 250 employees. The server will host the home directories and shared folders for the department, and it will serve several printers to which departmental documents are sent. Which edition of Windows Server 2003 will provide the most cost-effective solution for the department?
  A. Web Edition
  B. Standard Edition
  C. Enterprise Edition
  D. Datacenter Edition
  E. Datacenter Edition (64-bit)
Ans: B

43) Which of the following statements is true if System Monitor shows a value greater than 2 for the PhysicalDisk: Current Disk Queue Length counter on a non-RAID system?
  A. You need more disk space.
  B. You need a faster disk drive.
  C. You need additional information to determine whether the disk is the problem.
  D. You have a memory problem, not a disk problem.
Ans:   C

44) For the Windows Server 2003 Web Edition version, specify which description (or descriptions) of the following apply.
  A. Supports 512 GB of memory
  B. Supports eight-node server clusters
  C. Cannot run 16-bit Windows applications
  D. Supports 32-node NLB clusters
  E. Supports computers with four processors
Ans:   D

45) What tool is used to enable Remote Desktop on a server?
  A. Terminal Services Manager
  B. Terminal Services Configuration
  C. System Properties in Control Panel
  D. Terminal Services Licensing
Ans:   C

46) You are a network administrator who has been assigned the task of deploying the Windows Server 2003 servers for your company’s new e-commerce Web site, which is being designed by an outside consultant. The site will require four Web servers, configured as a four-node NLB cluster, and a single database server, running SQL Server. The consultant’s deployment plan calls for the use of Windows Server 2003 Web Edition on all five of the servers. Which of the following statements regarding this proposed deployment is true?
  A. The Web Edition is a suitable operating system for all five servers.
  B. The Web Edition is a suitable operating system for the database server, but not for the Web servers, because it does not support NLB clusters.
  C. The Web Edition is a suitable operating system for the Web Servers, but not for the database server, because it cannot run SQL Server.
  D. The Web Edition is not a suitable operating system for either the database or the Web servers.
Ans:  C

47) Which of the following tape drive devices has the greatest capacity?
  A. LTO
  B. QIC
  C. DAT
  D. DLT
Ans:  A

48) Network backup devices most commonly use which drive interface?
  A. IDE
  C. USB
  D. Parallel port
Ans:  B

49) How do you make a roaming profile mandatory?
  A. Configure the permissions on the folder’s Security property sheet to deny write permission.
  B. Configure the permissions on the folders Sharing property sheet to allow only read permission.
  C. Modify the attributes of the profile folder to specify the Read Only attribute.
  D. Rename Ntuser.dat to
Ans:  D

50) You are configuring SUS for a group of Web servers. You want the Web servers to update themselves nightly based on a list of approved updates on your SUS server. However, once in a while an administrator is logged on, performing late-night maintenance on a Web server, and you do not want the update installation and potential restart to interfere with those tasks. 
What Windows Update policy configuration should you use in this scenario?
  A. Notify For Download And Notify For Install
  B. Auto Download And Notify For Install
  C. Auto Download And Schedule The Install
  D. Auto Download And Install Immediately
Ans:  C

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