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Windows Server 2003 Fresher Question And Answer

51) What tool enables you to identify the site license server for your site?
  A. Active Directory Domains And Trusts
  B. Licensing tool in Control Panel
  C. Active Directory Sites And Services
  D. DNS
Ans:   C
52) What variable can be used with the Dsadd.exe and Dsmod.exe program commands to create user-specific home folders and profile folders?
  A. %Username%
  B. $Username$
  C. CN=Username
  D. __
Ans:   B

53) You are hiring a team to tackle a software development project. There will be three shifts of six programmers. Each programmer uses four computers to develop and test the software, which authenticate against a Windows Server 2003 computer. What is the minimum number of CALs 
required if the servers involved are in Per Device or Per User licensing mode?
  A. 6
  B. 4
  C. 18
  D. 24
Ans:   C

54) You want all network clients to download and install updates automatically during night hours, and you have configured scheduled installation behavior for Automatic Updates. However, you discover that some users are turning off their machines at night and updates are not being applied. Which group policy enables you to correct this situation without changing the installation schedule?
  A. Specify Intranet Microsoft Update Service Location
  B. No Auto-Restart For Scheduled Automatic Updates Installations
  C. Reschedule Automatic Updates Scheduled Installations
  D. Configure Automatic Updates
Ans:  C

55) What command should you use to unpack the single-file download of a service pack?
  A. Setup.exe -u
  B. Update.exe -x
  C. Update.msi
  D. Servicepackname.exe –x
Ans:   D

56) You manage the network for a team of 500 telephone sales representatives. You have 550 licenses configured in Per Device or Per User licensing mode. A new campaign is launched, and you will hire another shift of 500 reps. What do you need to do to most effectively manage license tracking and compliance?
  A. Revoke the licenses from the existing clients.
  B. Delete the existing licenses, and then add 500 licenses.
  C. Create license groups.
  D. Convert to Per Server licensing.
Ans:  C

57. You want to ensure the highest level of security for your corporate IIS intranet server without the added infrastructure of certificate services. The goal is to provide authentication that is transparent to users and to allow you to secure intranet resources with the group accounts existing in Active Directory. All users are within the corporate firewall. Which of the following authentication methods should you choose?
  A. Anonymous Access
  B. Basic Authentication
  C. .NET Passport Authentication
  D. Integrated Windows Authentication
Ans:  D

58) You are the administrator of a Windows Server 2003 domain that is currently running at the Windows 2000 mixed domain functional level. Your Windows 2003 domain,, has an external trust established with a Windows NT 4 domain, contoso_north, which makes contoso_north a trusted domain. You are planning the use of groups in your domain and need to determine what group scopes can be used in any domain in your forest. What group scope can be used in this context as a security principal?
  A. Domain local
  B. Global
  C. Universal
  D. Domain local with a nested global group
Ans:  B

59) In the properties of a group, which tab do you access to add users to the group?
  A. General
  B. Members
  C. Members Of
  D. Add Member
Ans:  B

60) You want to nest the IT Administrators group responsible for the Sales group inside the Sales group so that its members will have access to the same resources (set by permissions in an ACL) as the Sales group. From the Properties page of the IT Administrators group, what tab do you access to make this setting?
  A. General
  B. Members
  C. Members Of
  D. Add Member
Ans:  C

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