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Latest Top Windows 2008 Active directory Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41) When a computer learns another computer's MAC address, it keeps the address in its ...
  A. arp cache
  B. arp file
  C. arp query
  D. bit bucket
Ans:  A

42) A(n) _____ is like a stack of print jobs, with the first job submitted at the top of the stack and the last job submitted at the bottom, and all of the jobs waiting to be sent from the spooler to the printer.
  A. print stack
  B. print queue
  C. print deek
  D. print block
Ans:   B

43) How can you ensure that a GPO's settings are applied to all child objects, even if a GPO with conflicting settings is linked to a container at a deeper level?
  A. GPO Filtering
  B. Enforcing inheritance
  C. Loopback policy processing
  D. Inheritance blocking
Ans:  B

44) You have created a subnetted network and left 4 bits for host IDs.  How many hosts can you have per subnet?
  A. 16
  B. 30
  C. 32
  D. 14
Ans:  D

45) What does the "Client for Microsoft Networks" item in a network adapter's connection properties provide?
  A. Allows the machine to connect to Windows Shared resources by using Server Message Block (SMB)
  B. Network connectivity. Without it, the adapter is no longer able to communicate with DNS servers running Windows
  C. Provides an FTP client
  D. Enables the sharing of folder over the network.
Ans:   A

46) A _____ contains one or more domains that are in a common relationship.
  A. forest
  B. root
  C. tree
  D. branch
Ans:   C

47) What subnet mask would correspond to a CIDR notation of /24?
Ans:   A

48) Which MMC is used to transfer the domain naming master operations role?
  A. Active Directory Schema
  B. Active Directory Domains and Trusts
  C. Active Directory Users and Computers
  D. Active Directory FSMO Transfers
Ans:   B

49) What is the default no-refresh interval set to on DNS record timestamps?
  A. 7 hours
  B. 7 days
  C. 7 weeks
  D. 7 years
Ans:   B

50) The _____ enables you to simplify access to the shared folders on a network by setting up folders to appear as though they are accessed from only one place.
  A. Encrypted File System
  B. Distributed File System
  C. Dispersed File System
  D. Extended File System
Ans:  B

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