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Most Recently Asked Windows 2008 Active directory Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

31) Setting up and testing AD FS with the simplest design requires at least how many computers?
  A. 2
  B. 3
  C. 4
  D. 8
Ans: C

32) A new employee, Alice, has been hired to work at a branch office configured with RODC.  This RODC connects to a DC over a WAN link back at the head office.  Just as Alice is about to log onto her machine for the first time, she finds that she is unable to authenticate despite using the correct user name and pasword given to her. Other users in the branch office can log in fine, but Alice cannot.  What is most likely the issue?
  A. Alice's user and password information hasn't been replicated to the RODC yet, and therefore her credentials cant be verified by the RODC server
  B. Alice has been added at the head office domain, but not the branch office domain
  C. The WAN link failed before Alice could log on, preventing her from making use of credential caching
  D. The RODC has different account password information than the information stored at the head office causing a conflict
Ans:   C

33) The _____ tab is used to enable or disable a printer for sharing as well as to specify the name of the share.
  A. Sharing
  B. General
  C. Advanced
  D. Location
Ans:   A

34) When configuring GPO's, which node contains the majority of account policies?
  A. Computer Configuration node, Windows Settings folder, Security Settings node
  B. Computer Configuration node, Administrative Templates folder, Windows Component node
  C. The User Configuration node, Administrative Templates folder
  D. The User Configuration node, Windows Settings folder, Security Settings node
Ans:   A

35) Which of the following is not considered an urgent replication event (one that triggers change notifications immediately, without waiting the normal 15 seconds)
  A. account lockouts
  B. full name change under user properties
  C. changes to the account lockout policy
  D. changes to the domain password policy
Ans:   B

36) What is the only real downside of stub zone?
  A. like conditional forwarders, if a DNS server's address changes, it must be updated maunally
  B. it can only hold CNAME records
  C. you have to configure zone transfers
  D. Additional traffic created by replicating zone information
Ans:  D

37) Select below a vaild requirement for the installation of Hyper-V:
  A. Windows Server 2008 Datacenter must be installed to use Hyper-V
  B. Your CPU must support virtualization extensions
  C. You require a Hyper-V license key
  D. You must have at least 128MB of RAM installed
Ans:   B

38) When a print job is processed over the Internet or an intranet, _____ must be installed and running in Windows Server 2008.
  A. Windows Distribution Services (WDS)
  B. Internet Information Services (IIS)
  C. Windows Support Services (WSS)
  D. Web Server Service (WSS)
Ans:   B

39) What version of Internet Inforamation Services (IIS) is included with Windows Server 2008?
  A. IIS 6.0
  B. IIS 7.0
  C. IIS 6.9.1
  D. IIS 7.5
Ans:   B

40) Your intern would like to know which of the following situations would be ideal for a Server Core installation:
  A. You're installing the first server in a network
  B. You're upgrading from Windows Server 2003
  C. You want to run Windows Web Server 2003
  D. You want to install an RODC in a branch office
Ans:   D

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