Thursday, 10 September 2015

Windows 2008 Active directory Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) When configuring folder and file permissions, use the _____ button on the folder properties Security tab to change which groups and users have permissions to a folder.
  A. General
  B. Edit
  C. Modify
  D. Tools
Ans:   B

22) Which of the following is an important requirement for running Hyper-V?
  A. Must have at least Windows Server 2008 Web Edition installed
  B. Must have a multi core CPU
  C. Must have a multi socket motherboard
  D. Must have at least Windows Server 2008 64-bit Standard Edition
Ans:   D

23) If correct time zone information is not used and your servers' clocks run at different times, what is most likely to have issuses on your network?
  A. Windows Update
  B. IP address assignment
  C. program performance
  D. User authentication
Ans:   D

24) If you make changes to an existing GPO that is already linked in Active Directory, how fast do the policy settings take effect?
  A. 50 seconds
  B. 30 minutes
  C. 1 hour
  D. As soon as the client downloads them
Ans:  D

25) You are constructing a server for a small office complex that will run for approximately 12 hours everyday. Because of a limited budget, you have decided to use a disk subsystem that is inexpensive and offers excellent performance.  Pick the technology that best fits this description.
  D. SAS
Ans:   B

26) Under what MMC would you create new connection objects?
  A. Active Directory Sites and Services
  B. Active Directory Users and Computers
  C. Active Directory Network and Connection Objects
  D. Active Directory Domains and Trusts
Ans:   A

27) Which of the following server roles is not available within a Windows Server 2008 Core Installation?
  A. File Services
  B. Terminal Services
  C. Hyper V
  D. Web Server (IIS)
Ans:  B

28) A ______ is one in which every child object contains the name of the parent object.
  A. disjointed namespace
  B. logical namespace
  C. contained namespace
  D. contiguous namespace
Ans:   D

29) In DFS, access to shared folders can be distributed across many servers, resulting in the ability to perform _____, so that one server does not experience more load than others.
  A. distribution
  B. replication
  C. load balancing
  D. redundancy
Ans:  C

30) A network interface is composed of two parts:
  A. device driver software and network media
  B. network interface and network medium
  C. device driver software and network interface
  D. network interface and client software
Ans:   C

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