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Windows 2008 Active directory Objective type Questions and Answers

11) One of your administrators is unfamiliar with using the command line, but needs to be able to manage a Windows Server 2008 Core install. While attemtping to used an MMC snap-in to manage Server Core, he finds that he is unable to do so. He notes that some snap-ins, such as Shared Folders and Services worked perfectly remotely, while MMCs such as Event Viewer do not.  What is most likely the issue?
  A. The administrator has permissions to access only specific MMC consoles from his remote machine
  B. the other MMCs that the Administrator is trying to access are not available on Server Core
  C. A group policy setting is preventing him from viewing higher management level MMCs
  D. Server Core's firewall needs to be reconfigured for the Administrator to access certain MMCs
Ans:  D

12) Which of the following is a GUI tool that enables you to view the replication topology graphically and monitor replication performance and status?
  A. repadmin
  B. replmon
  C. dcdiag
  D. repstat
Ans:   B

13) The Intersite Topology Generator (ISTG) is responsible for assigning one of these for each directory partition in the site:
  A. A KCC leader
  B. Subnet
  C. Bridgehead server
  D. Domain controller
Ans:   C

14) The _____ boxes are used to store special notes about the printer that can help distinguish it from other printers, particularly for the sake of users if the printer is shared on the network.
  A. General
  B. Type
  C. Notes
  D. Location and Comment
Ans:   D

15) A user has been on a 7 month long sabbatical. Upon return, you discover that her user object was deleted by accident on the same day she left.  Assuming that Active Directory is configured with the default tombstone lifetime, how much longer do you have before you can no longer recover her username object with an authoritative restore?
  A. No time, the user object has already been cleaned during garbage collection
  B. 40 days
  C. 90 days
  D. 180 days
Ans:   A

16) Which description best fits the CA Administrator role?
  A. Approves requests for certificate enrollment and revocation
  B. manages auditing logs
  C. configures and maintains CA servers, and can assign all other CA roles and renew the CA certificate
  D. Able to backup and restore files and directories
Ans:   C

17) Accessing folders and files can be tracked by setting up _____, which in Windows Server 2008 enables you to track activity on a folder or file, such as read or write activity.
  A. archiving
  B. logging
  C. tracking
  D. auditing
Ans:   D

18) Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) adds to the TS web access functionality by allowing a secure, encrypted connection using ____.
  A. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  B. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
  C. Secure HTTP (HTTPS)
  D. Network Address Translation (NAT)
Ans:   C

19) This command is used to display and modify the boot configuration data store.
  A. edit boot.ini
  B. edit bcd
  C. bcmod
  D. bcedit
Ans:   D

20) Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is a legacy name service used to resolve ...
  A. Domain names to IP address
  B. Bootp names
  C. MAC addresses to IP addresses
  D. NetBIOS names
Ans:   D

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