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Top 60 Windows 2008 Active directory Objective type Questions and Answers

1) The Network Devices Enrollment Services (NDES) allows network devices such as routers and switches, to obtain certificates by using a special Cisco proprietary protocol known as ....
  A. Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
  B. Special Device Certification Protocol (SDCP)
  C. Secured Network Device Protocol (SNMP)
  D. Special Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
Ans:  A

2) The _____ tab enables you to specify printer settings that are specific to the printer you have installed, such as printer trays, memory, paper size, fonts, duplexing, and installable options.
  A. advanced
  B. device settings
  C. printer preferences
  D. output settings
Ans:  B

3) If a software package is assigned to a group of targeted computers via the Computer Configuration node, what happens?
  A. Next time a user logs in to one of the targeted computers, they are prompted to install the package
  B. The package is advertised in Add/Remove programs as an installation option
  C. The package is placed on the computers but is not installed until a member of the Administrators group installs it
  D. The package installation is mandatory and begins the next time the computer starts
Ans:  D

4) What does round robin do?
  A. Allows an administrator to configure multiple routes that user must make "rounds" through in order to reach a service, improving security
  B. causes network performance issues by continuously rotating the IP addresses associated with services
  C. creates invalid DNS records by disabling DNS timestamp scavenging
  D. creates a load sharing/ balancing mechanism for servers that have identical services, such as two servers that hose the same website.
Ans:   D

5) Increased network usage has inspired your staff to install a new DNS server. After much consideration, you have decided to also make the new server a domain controller as well. One of your interns is curious as to what benefit this would provide to DNS over simply making the DNS server a member server.
  A. The server can do zone transfer for stub zones
  B. The AD-integrated domain DNS zones will be created automatically
  C. Active Directory integrated secondary zones would be possible
  D. resource consolidation
Ans:   B

6) If multiple default gateways are assigned to a computer (such as a multihomed server), what determines which default gateway will be used?
  A. a random process
  B. the default gateway with the highest address is the one used
  C. the metric
  D. the gateway on the smaller subnet will be used
Ans:  C

7) The _____ attribute is checked to indicate that the folder or file needs to be backed up because it is new or changed.
  A. read-only
  B. system
  C. backup
  D. archive
Ans:  D

8) What command can you type to perform a system state backup?
  A. wbadmin start systemstatebackup
  B. wbadmin start sysstatebackup
  C. wbadmin begin systemstatebackup
  D. wbadmin start statebackup
Ans:  A

9) Select the answer below that is not a service a public key infrastructure provides to a network:
  A. Confidentiality
  B. Integrity
  C. Nonrepudiation
  D. Secure tunneling
Ans:   D

10) One of the below IP address / subnet mask pairs is invalid; find the invalid answer.
Ans:   A

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