Thursday, 17 September 2015

Best ASP.Net Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

81. Custom Controls are derived from which of the classes
A.   System.Web.UI.Webcontrol
B.   System.Web.UI.Customcontrol
C.   System.Web.UI.Customcontrols.Webcontrol
Ans: D

82. How ASP.Net Different from classic ASP?
A.   Scripting is separated from the HTML, Code is interpreted seperately
B.   Scripting is separated from the HTML, Code is compiled as a DLL, the DLLs can be executed on server
C.   Code is separated from the HTML and interpreted Code is interpreted separately
Ans: C

83. What's the difference between Response.Write() andResponse.Output.Write()?
A.   Response.Output.Write() allows you to flush output
B.   Response.Output.Write() allows you to buffer output
C.   Response.Output.Write() allows you to write formatted output
D.   Response.Output.Write() allows you to stream output
Ans: B

84. Why is Global.asax is used?
A.   Implement application and session level events
B.   Declare Global variables
C.   No use
Ans: C

85. There can be more than 1 machine.config file in a system
A.   True
B.   False
Ans: A

86. What is the extension of a web user control file?
A.   .Asmx
B.   .Ascx
C.   .Aspx
Ans: A

87. Which of the following is true?
A.   IsPostBack is a method of System.UI.Web.Page class
B.   IsPostBack is a method of System.Web.UI.Page class
C.   IsPostBack is a readonly property of System.Web.UI.Page class
Ans: B

88. The number of forms that can be added to a aspx page is.
A.   1
B.   2
C.   3
D.   More than 3
Ans: C

89. How do you manage states in application
A.   Session Objects
B.   Application Objects
C.   Viewstate
D.   All of the above
Ans: A

90. Which property of the session object is used to set the local identifier?
A.   SessionId
C.   Item
D.   Key
Ans: D

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