Thursday, 17 September 2015

ASP.Net Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. Which of the following is the performance attributes of processModel?
A. requestQueue limit
B. maxWorkerThreads
C. maxIdThreads
D. All
Ans: All

32. Which of the following is faster and consume lesser memory?
A. SQLDataReader
B. Data Set
Ans: SQLDataReader

33. Which of the following is the way to monitor the web application?
A. MMC Event viewers
B. Performance logs
C. Alerts Snap-ins
Ans: ALL

34. The ________________ property affects how the .Net Framework handles dates, currencies, sorting and formatting issues.
A. CurrentUICulture
B. CurrentCulture
Ans: CurrentCulture

35. Where do we include the user lists for windows authentication?
A. < Credential>
B. < authorization>
C. < identity>
D. < authentiation>
Ans: < authorization>

36. Where do we include the user lists for Form authentication?
A. < credential>
B. < authorization>
C. < Identity>
D. < authentication>
Ans: < credential>

37. Which of the following authentication is best suited for a corporate network?
A. Windows
B. Form
C. User
D. All
Ans: Windows

38. What attributes do you use to hide a public .Net class from COM?
A. DLLImport Attributes
B. ComVisible attributes
C. COM Interop
D. All
Ans: ComVisible attributes

39. By default, code written with the Debug class is stripped out of release builds.
A. Yes
B. No
Ans: Yes

40. ___________________ tests make sure that new code does not break existing code.
A. Regression tests
B. Integration tests
C. Unit tests
D. Load test
Ans: Integration tests

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