Thursday, 17 September 2015

Most Recently Asked ASP.Net Objective type Questions and Answers

41.  The .NET Framework provides a runtime environment called..... ?
A.   RMT
B.   CLR
C.   RCT
D.   RC
Ans: CLR

42.  In ASP.NET in form page the object which contains the user name is ______ ?
A.   Page.User.Identity
B.   Page.User.IsInRole
C.   Page.User.Name
D.   None of the Above
Ans: Page.User.Identity

43.  Find the term: The .NET framework which provides automatic memory management using a technique called ______________ ?
A.   Serialization
B.   Garbage Collection
C.   Assemblies
D.   Overriding
Ans: Garbage Collection

44.  Which of the following denote ways to manage state in an ASP.Net Application?
A.   Session objects
B.   Application objects
C.   ViewState
D.   All the Above
Ans: All the Above

45.  What is the base class from which all Web forms inherit?
A.   Master Page
B.   Page Class
C.   Session Class
D.   None of the Above
Ans: Page Class

46.  WSDL stands for _________________ ?
A.   Web Server Description Language
B.   Web Server Descriptor Language
C.   Web Services Description Language
D.   Web Services Descriptor Language
Ans: Web Services Description Language

47.  Which of the following must be done in order to connect data from some data resource to Repeater control?
A.   Set the DataSource property
B.   Call the DataBind method
C.   Both A. and B.
D.   None of the Above
Ans: Both A. and B.

48.  Which of the following is FALSE?
A.   ASP.NET applications run without a Web Server
B.   ASP+ and ASP.NET refer to the same thing
C.   ASP.NET is a major upgrade over ASP
D.   None of the Above
Ans: None of the Above

49.  Which of the following transfer execution directly to another page?
A.   Server.Transfer
B.   Response.Redirect
C.   Both A. and B.
D.   None of the Above
Ans: Server.Transfer

50.  If one has two different web form controls in a application and if one wanted to know whether the values in the above two different web form control match what control must be used?
A.   DataList
B.   GridView
C.   CompareValidator
D.   Listview
Ans: CompareValidator

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