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Experienced Cognos Interview Questions and Answers (Page 5)

Below are some important Cognos interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

41. How to generate cubes in cognos?
Power Play Transformer contain dimension,measure,model and cube. we can generate cube different way. > Just right click on cube name and build.
we can write script in unix. using that we can generate cube.

42. What is snapshot?
A Snapshot is the copy of data, when we create a snapshot it copies the exact data that'srelated to the at perticular report, we use snapshot when ever we want to

compare reports.(Example :we want to compare this months report with previous months).

43. Define datastores in Cognos?
Data sources, also known as query databases, are relational databases, dimensionalcubes, files, or other physical data stores that can be accessed through IBM Cognos8.

Application Tier Components use data source connections to access data sources.

44. What is metric store database?
A metric store database is a special case of a query database. A metric storedatabase is used to store the information associated with metrics that appear

inscorecards, including targets performance metrics , thresholds , embership in sorecards
links to related reports.

45. What is difference between view and materialized view?
Views contains query whenever execute views it has read from base table Where as M views loading or replicated takes place only once which gives you better query


46. What is difference between data mart and data warehouse?
A data mart designed for a particular line of business, such as sales, marketing, or finance.
Where as data warehouse is enterprise-wide/organizational
The data flow of data warehouse depending on the approach.

47. What is DTM?
DTM transform data received from reader buffer and its moves transformation to transformation on row by row basis and it uses transformation caches when necessary.

48. What are the different uses of a repository manager?
Repository manager used to create repository which contains metadata the informatica uses to transform data from source to target. And also it use to create

informatica user’s and folders and copy, backup and restore the repository.

49. What is a folder?
Folder contains repository objects such as sources, targets, mappings, transformation which are helps logically organize our data warehouse.

50. Explain Informatica Architecture?
Informatica consist of client and server. Client tools such as Repository manager, Designer, Server manager. Repository data base contains metadata it read by informatica server used read data from source, transforming and loading into target.
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