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IBM Cognos Interview Questions and Answers (Page 2)

Below are some important Cognos interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11. what is meant by alternate drill down with ex?
Alternate drill down path means there will be two path to opt.For example- We will have time dimension now the client requirement is they want two type of year -one is calender year(Jan-Dec) and another is fiscal year(Apr-Mar).

12. What is the difference between enterprise data warehouse and data warehouse?
Big Organizations have a lot of diversified sources of data.There might be a dataware house exclusively for transport and others for data related to the project the company runs.In such case the complete enterprise's(company's) date ware house is a big combination of all and is known the Enterprise data Warehouse(EDW)

13. How you drill from powerPLay to Impromptu? Explain all Steps?
go to tran former,
build the cube
right click on the cube and open properties
go to drill through tab and select your report from that browse option

14. What is Zero-foot print?
What are the other methods working as deployment functionality?
Cognos offers Portal Services that allow organizations to easily manage and display Cognos business intelligence, planning, and scorecarding in your existing enterprise information portals. Including Cognos reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, and other capabilities drives higher returns in your information and portal investments.
Cognos portals offer:
Zero Footprint: Cognos portals have no footprint on the user's desktop. Anyone inside or outside the organization with a Web browser can access and interact with content.
Intuitive User Interface: No special training is required to use the portal. Standard browser interface actions-such as following hypertext links, copying, and pasting-allow users to access and organize business intelligence content quickly and easily

15. What is difference between PAGE BREAK and Section Report?
What is Main Advantage Datawarehousing over Oracle?
Section-section is eliminate the duplicate recod.but report looking separate bluck.
setpagebreak means to display the reports in onepage. eg. suppose u create a list report ordermethod,orderyear,revenu
when u create section on will eliminate the duplicate record.but when u apply the set display in fax reports in onepage,email reports in another page.this in cognos 8 querystudio.

16. Give me any example of semi and non additive measures?
Semi-Additive: Semi-additive facts are facts that can be summed up for some of the dimensions in the fact table, but not the others. Non-Additive: Non-additive facts are facts that cannot be summed up for any of the dimensions present in the fact table. Current Balance and Profit Margin are the facts.Current Balance is a semi-additive fact, as it makes sense to add them up for all accounts (what's the total current balance for all accounts in the bank?), but it does not make sense to add them up through time (adding up all current balances for a given account for each day of the month does not give us any useful information). Profit Margin is a non-additive fact, for it does not make sense to add them up for the account level or the day level.

17. What is drill down and slicing and dicing whats the difference between them?
Drilling lets you quickly move from one level of detail to another to explore different aspects of your business. Drilling down moves you down in the hierarchy; drilling up moves you up in the hierarchy.
Slicing and Dicing
While you can drill to look at information at any level, you can slice and dice to select the exact information you want in your report.

18. What is the difference between a cascading report and drillthru report?why do we go for drill thru report?
Cascading report works based on the condition but drill thru work based on the data item what we select as a drill thru options

19. What is meant by Junk Dimension?
The junk dimension is simply a structure that provides a convenient place to store the junk attributes

20. What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?
Cognos Powerhouse is High-Productivity Application Development Solutions equips you with high-productivity development environments for creating your data-driven business solutions faster,whether for Web-based, client/server, or traditional terminal-based access. PowerHouse has gained a worldwide reputation for productivity, reliability, performance, and flexibility.
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