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62 TOP Cognos Interview Questions and Answers (Page 1)

Below are some important Cognos interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

1. What are products of cognos?
Cognos 6.6 7.0,7.3(PowerPlay, Impromptu)--ReportNet1.0,1.1mr1, 1.1mr22---ReportNet 8.0(latest)IWR is use by Impromptu to publish reports, PPES is used by PP, Cognos Connection is used by repornet. there are many other tools but these are the main.

2. How can i test reports in cagonos?
In cognos report net by the validate report option a report can be tested. If there will be any error, it will specify the the error, unless it will give message -'report specification is valid'.
After creating the report we will connect to the oracle and we will write the sql query and we will compare this 2 reports .

3. How can i schedule reports in cognos?
By using Cognos Schedular, one can schedule the running reports in Impromptu to execute and save it in desired format.
By using Cognos MACRO script language the reports can be executed and distributed to recipients by using mail applications.
Compiled Cognos MACROs can be scheduled using Cognos Schedular.

4. How can create users and permissions in cognos?
in impromptu menu go to Catlog->User profiles -> userclass tab -> click on Creator ->u can give there folder access,table access,filters,Governor etc
you can crate users by using USERS PROFILE option......and you can give permissions using ROLE IN C8 and GOVERNERS in C7

5. What is Cognos Visualizer and Cognos Scripting?
Visualizer is a representation of data cubes in a dashboard format. We can drill through to the ground level of a hierarchy as like in power play report but cannot add or remove fields dynamically.
Cognos script editor : We can write cognos macros or programs in this tool and can fine tune or process some execution .

6. What is catalog and types of catalogs in cagonos and which is better?
A catalog is a file containing the information (Database tables) that Impromptu users need to create reports.
? personal
? distributed
? shared
? secured
shared catalog is better.

7. How do add dynamic titles in PP?
PowerplayFrom format menu-->title, header & footer-->title-->insert report filename

8. What you mean by Drill across and what is the difference between drill through, drill across?
Drill across means when you are moving from one report to another report like country in one report and States in another Report whereas if the report is using same report from moving from country to state. In other when you are moving details level if you are using the different report it is drill across and if you are using same report it is drill through.

9. What is loop in frameworkmanager?
Loop: loop is a closed path (relation) that exists among 3 (or) more tables. For example, if we have '3' tables T1, T2, T3 then, a loop exists among these tables only when we create joins in the following fashion:
Loop: T1 ---> T2 ---> T3 ---> T1
To resolve the above problem, we have to create a shortcut (or) Alias to the Table T1.
No Loop: T1 ---> T2 ---> T3 ---> Alias (or) Shortcut of T1

10. How create measures and Demensions?
You can create measure once you import all the data into the data source.You can create measures and dimensions by draging the required source from datasource into dimension map and measure tab.(need to find scope of measures for all the dimensions)
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