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62 Most important Cognos Interview Questions and Answers (Page 4)

Below are some important Cognos interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

31. What are components of report studio?
Insertable Objects pane > Properties pane > Explorer bar >Report Viewer

32. What is Snap Shot?
snapshot is a static datasource it is a picture of of report once u created a snapshot report u can't add a data item.

33. How do you define a cube?
Its a multidimensional view of dimension and measures. It is used to analyze the data in various aspects, which is called slicing and dicing.

34. What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?
Powerplay transformer' is an ‘MOLAP’ tool using which one can create multi dimensional structure called “CUBE”.
Powerplay for reports is used to generate report from the cube.Only one report can be generated from one cube.If u want ‘n’ reports u must create ‘n’ cubes.

35. What is cube size?
2.0 GBIt depends on ur project requirements.

36. What is meant by Junk Dimension?
The Junk Dimension also called as garbage dimension.
A junk dimension is a convenient grouping of typically low-cardinality flags and indicators.

37. What is transformer?
Transformer is used for building the Cubes (Multidimensional Structure used for OLAP

38. What is catalog and types of catalogs in cagonos?
A catalog is a file containing the information (Database tables) that Impromptu users need to create reports. > personal > distributed > hared > secured

39. What is Cardinality?
Relationships exist between two query subjects. The cardinality of a relationship is the number of related rows for each of the two query subjects. The rows are

related by the expression of the relationship; this expression usually refers to the primary and foreign keys of the underlying tables.

40. How to join multiple db in catalog?
Mutiple database could not be connected in a single catalog. So that we use hotfile for thispurpose.
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