Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vehicle management Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31) The odometer/hour meter Reconciliation list (PCN 064) is programmed to be produced after how many days?
  A. 30
  B. 45
  C. 50
  D. 55
Ans: D

32) Which individual is designated by commanders to have watchful responsibility of government property?
  A. Shop supervisor
  B. Property custodian
  C. NCOIC, Materiel Control
  D. NCOIC, Vehicle Management and Analysis
Ans: B

33) While OLVIMS is in "Dual Month Status", VM&A will
  A. input quarterly Halvorsen data.
  B. review the Work Order Master File (PCN 18)
  C. input indirect employee time for the current month.
  D. review the refund and reimbursable monthly cost.
Ans: B

34) Indicator 02, Average Cost per Mile Admin, on the PCN SB004-115, Automated Analysis Report, shows the cost for vehicles with which code in the management code and an M or K in the MHUK code?
  A. B or F
  B. C or F
  C. B or C
  D. F or P
Ans: A

35) Due-in from maintenance assests are those items with an expendability, repairability, recoverability code designator of...
  A. XA
  B. XB
  C. XF
  D. XI
Ans: C

36) What can vehicle management personnel do to reduce hazardous waste generated in the shop?
  A. Minimize parts cleaning and degreasing.
  B. Reduce scheduled maintenance intervals.
  C. Tell Base Supply to buy less hazardous materials.
  D. Institute stiff punishment for violation of EPA laws.
Ans: A

37) Who performs waste fuel management and leak detection measures for the flight?
  A. fuels operations.
  B. Cryogenic production
  C. Compliance and environmental.
  D. Fuels information service center.
Ans: C

38) What is a measure taken by general consent to be a basis for comparison?
  A. Goal.
  B. Process.
  C. Program.
  D. Standard.
Ans: A

39) The part or section of a table chart you use to clarify an important point is the
  A. stubs
  B. legend
  C. subtitle
  D. footnote
Ans: D

40) The PCN 49, Warranty Part Information Report, lists parts warranty information input into online vehicle interactive management system with which of the following transactions?
  A. JZ and PZ
  B. JZ and MZ
  C. PZ and NZ
  D. NZ and MZ
Ans: A

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