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Vehicle management Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) Which flight is the single wing authority for receiving, inventorying, shipping, and storing supplies and equipment?
  A. Readiness.
  B. Cargo Movement.
  C. Materiel Management.
  D. Management and Systems.
Ans: C

22) What personnel fall under the Operations Management section?
  A. Commander and First Sergeant
  B. Commander and command support
  C. Maintenance and Operations Manager
  D. Operations Officer and Logistics Manager
Ans: D

23) What is one of the biggest mistakes made by shop personnel when they repair a tire?
  A. Not having the right size replacement tire.
  B. Fail to remove the valve core to deflate tire.
  C. Stripping lug nuts while removing tire from vehicle
  D. Not making sure another vehicle operator is present to help.
Ans: B

24) What vehicles are not included when conducting vehicle rotation analysis?
  A. Non-registered equipment.
  B. GSA and other leased vehicles.
  C. Only vehicles with low mileage.
  D. Only vehicles with high mileage.
Ans: B

25) Request written support from the host MAJCOM when rental or lease of vehicles exceed
  A. 60 days
  B. 90 days
  C. 180 days
  D. 365 days
Ans: A

26) Who is responsible for placing a vehicle in serviceable status if it was received in unserviceable condition?
  A. Item manager
  B. Major command
  C. Shipping activity
  D. Receiving organization
Ans: C

27) A benefit of controlling work flow is
  A. decreased shop direct labor rates
  B. increased productive labor hours
  C. reduced scheduled maintenance intervals
  D. increased vehicle out of commission rate
Ans: B

29) The delayed code not represented in the summary of the Delayed Maintenance Report, because it represents labor not performed by the vehicle management is
  A. A
  B. F
  C. L
  D. G
Ans: D

30) The Vehicle Management Index file is used to find the
  A. vehicle manufacturer.
  B. assigned management code
  C. assigned registration number
  D. vehicle identification number.
Ans: B

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