Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vehicle management Objective type Questions and Answers

11) Which of the following is a goal of an effective operator's care program?
  A. Control the fleet's operating cost
  B. Support the vehicle control program
  C. Have the fleet in as new a condition as possible
  D. Ensure vehicles are available to meet mission requirements
Ans: D

12) It is more cost effective to contract than repair in-house repairs
  A. requiring specializes tools
  B. that are infrequently done
  C. required special training
  D. that are complicated
Ans: B

13) The primary responsibility for managing the delayed maintenance file belongs to
  A. materiel control
  B. the work center supervisor
  C. the vehicle fleet manager
  D. vehicle management and analysis
Ans: D

14) Which flight manages air terminal operations for non-Air Mobility command bases?
  A. Readiness.
  B. Distribution.
  C. Cargo Movement.
  D. Material Management.
Ans: A

15) When conducting the delayed file reconciliation, you should
  A. install all completed parts on vehicles
  B. ensure correct bin locations are established
  C. check preventive maintenance requirements
  D. inform the vehicle control officer of parts status
Ans: B

16) What is considered critical to reducing energy dependency?
  A. Recycling.
  B. Rationing.
  C. Raise prices.
  D. Conservation.
Ans: D

17) What does a "due-in" show?
  A. A local purchase request
  B. A "zero balance" condition
  C. Source owes the supply system the requested item
  D. Supply owes a customer the requested item
Ans: C

18) As a rule, you lease vehicles for periods of over one year only to
  A. fill validated authorizations
  B. establish vehicle authorizations
  C. satisfy emergency requirements
  D. supplement as a reserve vehicle data
Ans: A

19) Warranty corrections for American made vehicles used overseas are normally done by...
  A. local garages
  B. the manufacturer
  C. vehicle management
  D. contract support agreements
Ans: C

20) A Vehicle involved in an accident should be turned-in to the shop after...
  A. the safety office is briefed
  B. it has been thoroughly cleaned
  C. it has been reported to the proper authorities
  D. a surveying officer is done with the investigation
Ans: C

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