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Top 60 Vehicle management Objective type Questions and Answers

1) What organization must determine if a solid waste is hazardous as defined in regulations?
  A. State agency charged to conduct tests.
  B. Agency that generated the solid waste.
  C. Trash collection agency that picks it up.
  D. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Ans: B

2) What should be used to submit a request for non-stock listed items?   
  A. AF Form 2413, Supply Control Log
  B. AF Form 2005, Issue/Turn-in Request
  C. DD Form 1348-6, DoD Single Line Item Requisition System Document
  D. AF Form 1348-1A, DoD Single Line Item Requisition System Document
Ans: C

3) What documents are used for renting or leasing vehicles
  A. GPC and BPA
  B. SF 44 and BPA
  C. AF Form 9 and GPC
  D. AF Form 9 and SF 44
Ans: C

4) The OPEN EXCESSIVE TIME will print on the PCN SB004-018, Work Order Master File Status report on work orders that are open
  A. 20 days or more.
  B. 10 days or more.
  C. less than 20 days.
  D. less than 10 days.
Ans: A

5) The PCN SB004-025, Accident/Abuse and Uneconomical Repair work order report is produced and available for printing
  A. immediately upon closing a work order that meets the criteria.
  B. after end of day processing on work orders closed that day and meets the criteria.
  C. when requested using the OLVIMS ZD option.
  D. whenever an accident,abuse,or one-time repair work order is removed from the work order master file
Ans: D

6) The section of the wind that is the single point of contact for deployment planning is ...
  A. Readiness.
  B. War Readiness.
  C. Squadron Readiness.
  D. Contingency Planning and Training.
Ans: D

7) What work order number is used to replenish high cost bench stock?
  A. J9997
  B. J9998
  C. L9999
  D. H8888
Ans: D

8) Where can you find specific duties and responsibilities of vehicle management?
  A. AFI 23-302 and TO 36-1-191
  B. AFI 23-302 and AFMAN 36-191
  C. AFI 24-302, AFI 24-307, and AFI 36-191
  D. AFI 24-302, AFI 24-303, and AFI 24-310
Ans: A

9) The report that gives you a picture of the month-to-date VDM-VDP-VOC is the
  A. PCN SB004-006, Daily Suspect Report.
  B. PCN SB004-115, Automated Analysis Report.
  C. PCN SB004-Vehicles in Commission Report.
  D. PCN SB004-032, Vehicle Management Report.
Ans: C

10) If a vehicle shoes overdue preventive maintenance by mileage, you should
  A. have the vehicle report immediately to the shop for inspection.
  B. set an appointment date and forward the report to the vehicle control officer
  C. process the daily fuels transaction and reprocess the scheduled maintenance report
  D. verify mileage,update the OLVIMS and reprocess the scheduled maintenance report.
Ans: D

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