Thursday, 10 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Vehicle management Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41) Which of the following is considered intermediate maintenance?
  A. Washing and waxing a vehicle
  B. Complete overhaul of a firetruck
  C. Lubrication, oil and filter change
  D. Serving of fuel , oil and hydraulic reservoirs
Ans: C

42) The employees required to have an employee master record in OLVIMS are
  A. vehicle operations dispatchers.
  B. vehicle maintenance technicians only.
  C. all vehicle operators and maintenance technicians.
  D. driver testers not funded by the Logistics Readiness Squadron.
Ans: A

43) Action warranty reports must be transmitted within how many days of discovery?
  A. 3
  B. 7
  C. 10
  D. 15
Ans: D

44) What is the first step in developing a long-range scheduled maintenance plan?
  A. Check with using organizations
  B. Determine mission requirements
  C. Make a schedule by shop or team
  D. Determine the number of vehicles per month
Ans: C

45) Why are containers of hazardous waste placed on pallets?
  A. To reduce corrosion.
  B. To easily mark labels.
  C. For easier ground collection.
  D. To expedite ground pick-up.
Ans: A

46) Who normally assigns the dificiency report control number?
  A. action point
  B. support point
  C. screening point
  D. originating point
  Ans: D

47) What step within the analysis process works in conjunction with research?
  A. Identify.
  B. Investigate.
  C. Recommend.
  D. Problem solving.
Ans: B

48) The objective of an effective corrosion control program is to ....
  A. protect and enhance the AF image
  B. attain established standards of excellence
  C. support the "top wheels" beautification program
  D. help assure the vehicle reaches its programmed life expectancy
Ans: D

49) What is the best definition of a hazardous waste generator?
  A. Sanitary landfills.
  B. Dealers of the hazardous material.
  C. Any facility accumulation the waste.
  D. Anyone who first produced the waste.
Ans: D

50) Who has final approval for long-term vehicle lease requests?
  A. Major commands
  B. General Services Administration
  C. Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center
  D. Headquarters United States Air Force
Ans: A

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