Thursday, 10 September 2015

Latest Top Vehicle management Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

51) What is the warranty period for all depot overhauled vehicles?
  A. 12 months/12,000 mi
  B. 15 months/ 12,000 mi
  C. According to specific contract specifications
  D. According to commercial manufacturer warranties
Ans: C

52) The PCN SB004-029, Employee Master List,
  A. provides a means to see how labor utilization is doing.
  B. shows direct labor hours on a WJ job closed work orders.
  C. is used to analyze how well employees document their time.
  D. gives you the average hourly wage rate for a military employee.
Ans: D

53) AFOSH Standard 91-38, Hydrocarbon Fuels, defines a hydrocarbon fuel as any substance that vaporizes and burns...
  A. at a set temperature.
  B. for 30 seconds or less.
  C. in the presence of oxygen.
  D. in the presence of nitrogen.
Ans: C

54) The recommended interval for updating the OLVIMS with the TO 1301.FTM file is
  A. 1 month
  B. 3 months
  C. 6 months
  D. 12 months
Ans: C

55) Deficiency reports are submitted to the appropriate agency using...
  A. MS Outlook messaging
  B. MS Office software
  C. Deficiency reports and mail system
  D. online vehicle interactive management system materiel deficiency report program
 Ans: C

56) OLVIMS special inspection data (35AA through 35AC) can only be input from which transactions?
  A. BC
  B. BM
  C. BS
  D. WW
Ans: B

57) The information needed to develop the mission essential level is
  A. a priority buy analysis
  B. vehicle authorizations
  C. vehicle replacement codes
  D. vehicle identification numbers
Ans: B

58) The primary responsibility of vehicle maintenance is to maintain all vehicles that ...
  A. cost over $10,000.
  B. are assigned to the installation.
  C. are non-appropriated fund motor vehicles.
  D. bear USAF registration number regardless of cost.
Ans: D

59) What date must be entered on the "AZ" transaction to adjust the vehicle master record based "actual mileage" based on information from the PCN 64?
  A. Date of the PCN 64 report
  B. Date the input transaction was made
  C. Date the report was received from users
  D. date odometer was read provided by the user
Ans: D

60) The transaction used to initially load a high cost bench stock item in the OLVIMS is
  A. EZ
  B. PZ
  C. QZ
  D. VZ
Ans: A

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