Tuesday, 15 September 2015

VB Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. How many levels of compilation happens in .NET Framework
A.   One
B.   Two
C.   Three

32. Most of the underlying integration of .NET is done through XML
A.   True
B.   False
Ans: A

33. An Assemblyinfo file in a VB.NET project will have blank as file extesion.
A.   .config
B.   .vb
C.   .cs

34. Every type supported by CTS is derived from
A.   System .Object
B.   System .Type
C.   System .Data
Ans: A

35. Which of the following Types will have data of fixed size
A.   Value Type
B.   Reference Type
C.   None

36. What is the significance of Option Explicit statement when it is set to On
A.   Specifies that any variable name is declared (with type) before use
B.   Specifies whether strings should be compared as binary
C.   Specifies that variables should be initialized before use
Ans: A

37. Which of the following class does not belong to Collection namespace
A.   ArrayList
B.   Queue
C.   DictionaryList
D.   Stack
Ans: C

38. Methods declared with the following modifier are not accessible outside the class
A.   Private
B.   Protected
C.   Friend
D.   Global
Ans: A

39. The methods which return the values back to the calling code are called as
A.   Constructors
B.   Interrogative methods
C.   Imperative methods
Ans: B

40. How do you terminate code execute with in a VB.NET method
A.   Exit
B.   Close Sub
C.   Exit Sub
D.   Kill
Ans: C

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