Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Most Recently Asked VB Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. How do you create a Read only Property in VB.NET
A.   Using Only Get..EndGet with in property definition
B.   Using Only Set..EndSet with in property definition
C.   Using both Get and Set
Ans: A

42. The constructors in VB.Net is similar to which event in previous versions of VB
A.   Class_Load
B.   Class_Terminate
C.   Class_Initialize
Ans: C

43. Which interface allows to implement the Dispose method to do cleanup work
A.   Idestructor
B.   Icleanup
C.   Idisposable
Ans: B

44. How do you call non shared methods of a class
A.   Directly invoking the method name
B.   Invoking the method through the instance of that class
C.   None of the above
Ans: B

45. How do we implement private interfaces
A.   Using Inherits Keyword
B.   Private interfaces can not be implemented
C.   Using Implements Keyword
Ans: B

46. Where do you find COMException class
A.   System.Runtime.Interopservices
B.   System.XML
C.   System. Data
Ans: A

47. Which method of the XMLdocument class takes xml as string while loading
A.   Loadxml ( )
B.   Load( )
C.   Save ( )
Ans: A

48. Which is the base class for TypedDataset
A.   DataReader
B.   Dataset
C.   DataAdapter
Ans: B

49. Which is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database
A.   Data Set
B.   Typed Data Set
C.   DataReader
Ans: C

50. The DataAdapter uses which of the following object to retrieve the data from database
A.   Connection
B.   Command
C.   DataReader
Ans: B

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