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Tricky Agile Testing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

61. What is the effect of having large visible project plan on a wall?
A. It is a fire risk and a health hazard
B. It communicates progress to the team and other stakeholders
C. It is dangerous, as management will misinterpret what the team is doing
D. It is useless, as it does not allow the team to innovate
Ans: B

62. How should work be allocated to the team in an Agile project?
A. The Project Leader should give tasks to individuals to create challenges for them
B. Tasks should be randomly allocated using Planning Poker
C. Team members should self-select tasks
D. The biggest tasks should be done by the Project Leader themselves
Ans: C

63. What should the team do if the customer representative is too busy to be available?
A. Carry on with the work without customer input. It will probably be faster without customer interference anyway
B. Send the customer an email warning that the end product will be completed on time, but will not meet their needs
C. Allow a developer to take on the role of customer representative
D. Draw the problem to the attention of the Project Leader and ultimately the Project Sponsor
Ans: D

64. Which one of the following is a key feature that you would expect to find in an Agile project?
A. A large number of written progress reports
B. No project documentation, as all communication is tacit information
C Good face-to-face communication, supplemented by lean but sufficient documentation
D. All documentation done in previous projects would be replicated for the Agile project.
Ans: C

65. When handling team dynamics, the Agile Leader should …
A. Work to build trust between the team members
B. Encourage an environment of competition and personal advantage
C. Stand for no nonsense and show who is the boss
D. Expect team members to sort out all of their own problems, and not come to the Project Leader for help with anything
Ans: A

66. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding acceptance of any deliverables on an Agile Project?
A. The team should allow only senior managers to sign off deliverables
B. The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the appropriate stakeholders at least at the end of every timebox / iteration
C. The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the users during a UAT phase at the end of the project
D. Acceptance of any particular deliverable on the project is gained from all stakeholders at the same time.
Ans: B

67. Which one of the following statement is correct regarding quality of deliverables from an Agile Project?
A. The products produced by an Agile project should be cheaper than those produced by any other approach, but quality will suffer
B. The products will be more expensive than by any other approach but will be top quality
C. The products will be fit for purpose, but may not do what the customer wanted
D. The products will be of appropriate quality, as guided by the customer representative involved throughout the development process
Ans: D

68. What is the Agile approach to doing design early in a project?
A. A big design up front is always a good idea
B. Just enough design up front gives a good foundation to start from and helps to mitigate risk, without unnecessarily wasting time
C. No design up front is the best approach as most of the fun of a project is discovery of the unexpected
D. Design has no place in an Agile project
Ans: B

69. An Agile approach advocates which of the following approaches?
A. Get something quick and dirty thrown together to save time
B. Get something simple up and working as quickly as possible
C. Get something business-valuable delivered as quickly as possible, consistent with the right level of quality
D. Get something delivered once it has been fully documented and the documentation signed off as complete and unchangeable
Ans: C

70. Which of these best describes the Agile approach to team-working?
A. The team can work all night, every night if enough pizza is provided
B. The team should be expected to work overtime towards the end of the project
C. The team should strive for a sustainable pace and a normal working week
D. The team will “burn out” if they have to work overtime for more than two timeboxes (iterations) in a row
Ans: C

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