Monday, 21 September 2015

Frequently Asked Agile Testing Online Quiz Questions And Answers

71. Which one of the following statements is true for Agile projects?
A. All project stakeholders should attend every requirements workshop
B. Retrospectives are only run at the end of a project
C. It is best if project manager facilitates the project’s workshops
D. A facilitator will manage the structure of a facilitated workshop
Ans: D

72. Which one of the following is an important feature of the stand-up / wash up meeting?
A. Everyone must stand for the whole time
B. The meeting must be short and well structured
C. The Project Manager must ensure it is clear to all which team members are not performing
D. No-one is allowed to leave the stand-up meeting until all problems raised have been solved
Ans: B

73. Who should attend the stand-up meetings?
A. Sponsor and Executive Management only
B. Project Manager and Technical Leads only
C. Project Leader and Customer Representatives only
D. The entire team
Ans: D

74. One of the stages you would expect to see a team go through is:
A. Storming
B. Warming
C. Calming
D. Yawning
Ans: A

75. When estimating is done for the project, the solution developers should be:
A. Involved in the process
B. In total control of the process
C. Told what the estimates should be
D. Not making estimates at all
Ans: A

76. During an Iteration (Sprint) the developers should be:
A. Able to contact the customer to clarify aspects of the work
B. Completely uninterrupted by the customer
C. In twice-daily contact with the customer
D. Able to work without needing to disturb the customer
Ans: A

77. The end result of an Agile development is:
A. A product of a professional quality which fits the business need
B. A product of almost as good a quality to a Waterfall development
C. Rather poor quality but at least it is quick
D. A technically perfect re-factored solution
Ans: A

78. An Agile customer …
A. Must have a good understanding of Agile techniques
B. Will always receive worse systems than their non-Agile counterparts
C. Will typically get business value delivered early
D. Will need to work out at the gym regularly
Ans: C

79. An Agile team …
A. Is self-organizing, so needs no specific skills
B. Collaborates and supports team members
C. Ensures that weak members of the team are thrown out of the team
D. Ensures blame is allocated fairly
Ans: B

80. The Agile process …
A. Encourages the team to meet regularly
B. Has no meetings
C. Has lengthy reporting requirements
D. Has no reporting requirements
Ans: A

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