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Most Recently Asked Agile Testing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

51. Which of the following best describes the approach for determining the iteration (timebox) length?
A. Iterations (timeboxes) should always be 30 days
B. The team determines iteration (timebox) length by dividing the total number of story points by the average velocity of the team
C. Iterations (timeboxes) should always be two weeks
D. The team should agree on the length of the iteration (timebox) taking the size and complexity of the project into consideration
Ans: D

52. Which of the following is a characteristic of an Agile leader?
A. Task focused
B. Process oriented
C. Supportive
D. Disinterested
Ans: C

53. Who is responsible for prioritizing the product backlog?
A. Product Owner
B. Project Manager
C. Lead Developer
D. Tester
Ans: A

54. What are the advantages of maintaining consistent iteration (timebox) lengths throughout the project?
A. They help to establish a consistent pattern of delivery
B. They help the team to objectively measure progress
C. They provide a consistent means of measuring team velocity
D. All of the above
Ans: D

55. Tracking project issues in an Agile project is the primary responsibility of the…
A. Tester
B. Project Leader
C. Functional Manager
D. Developer
Ans: B

56. Why is it important to trust the team?
A. High trust teams do not have to be accountable to each other
B. High trust teams do not require a user representative
C. The Project Manager does not have to keep a project schedule
D. The presence of trust is positively correlated with the team performance
Ans: D

57. What is the best approach for running an effective workshop?
A. Presentation
B. Oratory
C. Facilitation
D. Lecture
Ans: C

58. Which of the following best represents the Agile approach to planning?
A. Planning is a waste of time and should not be done
B. Planning should be done in detail at the outset and then not revisited
C. Planning is an iterative job and involves the whole team
D. Planning should all be done by the Project Manager
Ans: C

59. Who should be the main judge of the business value?
A. The customer representative
B. The project leader
C. The facilitator
D. All of the above
Ans: A

60. If a timebox (iteration) plan needs to be reprioritised in a hurry, who should re-prioritise?
A. The developers alone (they know what the customer wants by now)
B. The customer alone (the developers would only choose the easy things as top priority)
C. The Project Leader (they can give an independent, pragmatic view)
D. The whole team including customer and developers (together they can consider both business value and practicality) © Copyright DSDM Consortium 2009. All rights reserved.
Ans: D

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