Friday, 4 September 2015

Top 50 SAP CRM Objective type Questions and Answers

1. Name the SAP Store for Mobile Apps.
  A. SAP AppStore
  B. SAPinsider Press
  C. SAP ECOhub  
  D. SAP iTunes
  Ans: C

2. What are the components of Sybase Unwired Platform ?   
    A. Sybase Afaria Server, CRM Server, Netweaver Mobile Gateway, Communication Server, ECC Server.
  B. Sybase CRM Server, Netweaver Gateway, Mobile Stack , DOE Connector, Push Messaging , Relay Server.  
  C. Sybase Administration Console, Sybase DOE Connector, Sybase Unwired Server, Push Messaging, Sybase Relay Server.  
  D. Sybase Netweaver Gateway, Sybase Relay Server, Mobile Gateway, Communication Network , Push Messaging.

3. What important data can be accessed from Sybase Mobile Sales App ? (3 answers)   
  A. Travel Expenses Data
  B. Sales Data
  C. Accounts Data
  D. Contacts Information  
  E. Commission Check

4. What is Sybase Security ?
  A. Sybase Afaria Firewall
  B. Sybase Afaria Antivirus  
  C. Sybase Afaria Security Manager
  D. Sybase Afaria  
  Ans: D

5.   Which of the following devices are supported by Sybase Afaria ? (2 answers)
  A. Palm
  B. Symbian 1.0
  C. iPhone/iPad
  D. Android smartphones and tablets  
  Ans: C, D

6. Which of the following statements are true with regard to Sybase Afaria ? (2 answers)
  A. Afaria is a Mobile Device Management and Security Solution.
  B. Afaria don't support third party system.  
  C. Afaria provides secure Mobile data.
  D. Afaria don't add significant management capabilities to third party or custom applications.  

7. Latest Social Media Integration offerings for SAP CRM?(Multiple Answers)
  A. SAP Social Media Cockpit (Twitter)
  B. SAP service marketplace (Google+)
  C. SAP campaign management (My Space)
  D. SAP Marketing Connect (Facebook)
Ans: A,D

8. SAP CRM 7.0 Webchannel offers :(Multiple Answers)
  A. E-selling
  B. E-commerce
  C. E-marketing
  D. Internet sales
Ans: B,C

9. Which is the latest SAP CRM version?
  A. CRM 9.0
  B. CRM 7.0(EHP2)  
  C. CRM 7.0(EHP1)
  D. CRM 2012

Ans: B

10. SAP CRM mobile architecture components are :
  A. Mobile device, R/3, Sybase platform, Netweaver 7.0 gateway, SAP CRM server
  B. Mobile device, communication network, Sybase platform, Netweaver 7.0 gateway, SAP CRM server  
  C. Mobile device, communication network, relay server, Sybase platform, Netweaver 7.0 gateway, SAP CRM server
  D. Mobile device, relay server, Sybase platform, Netweaver 7.0 gateway, SAP ECC server
Ans: B

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