Friday, 4 September 2015

SAP CRM Objective type Questions and Answers

11. SAP CRM RDS stands for :
  A. Rapid Deployment System
  B. Rapid Development Solution
  C. Rapid Deployment Solution  
  D. Rapid Data Solution

12. Apple store offers SAP CRM mobile Apps for :(Multiple Answers)
  A. SAP Sales ByDemand
  B. SAP CRM Sales
  C. Business OnDesign
  D. Sybase Mobile Sales
Ans: B,D

13. SAP CRM 7.0 Web client offers integration with which of the following?(Multiple Answers)
  A. Web 2.0 User Interface
  B. SUP 2.0 User Interface
  C. Web 2.0 Sybase Mobile Marketing
  D. Social Media Integration
Ans: A,D

14. Which of these are SAP On Demand solutions?
  A. Sybase Unwired Platform
  B. Sales on Demand  
  C. Sale On Demand
  D. None of the above
Ans: B

15. SAP StreamWork is an environment that supports user collaboration (including___)?
  A. Macro-Blogging
  B. Micro-Blogging  
  C. Multichannel-Blogging
  D. Multifunctional-Blogging
Ans: B

16.   SAP HANA stands for :
  A. High Processing Analytic Appliance
  B. High Processing Networking Appliance
  C. High Performance Analytic Appliance  
  D. High Performance Network Adapter

17. What is SAPs next generation platform?
  A. Business Objects 2.0
  B. Sybase Unwired Platform  
  C. Business one
  D. Sales on solutions
Ans: B

18. How does SAP CRM benefits from SAP HANA and Business Objects explorer?
  A. Analyze pipeline data in real time
  B. Monitor pipeline data
  C. Analyze data and view reports in real time
  D. Analyze and react to pipeline changes in real time  

19. SAP HANA runs on ______.  
  A. Database Server
  B. Flash Memory  
  C. Hard Disk
  D. SAP Server

Ans: B

20. What are the key areas in SAP CRM?(Multiple Answers)
  A. Sales
  B. Service
  D. Finance

Ans: A,B

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