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SAP CRM Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. What are the focus areas of SAP CRM Business By Design?(Multiple Answers)
  A. Customer contact management
  B. Internet sales
  C. Marketing to opportunity
  D. Partner channel management

22. SUP 2.0 is Sybase______ platform.
  A. Unwire
  B. Unify
  C. Unified
  D. Unwired  
  Ans: D

23. Standard Sales Cycle Dashboard shows which of  the following ? (2 answers)
  A. Average Sales Cycle
  B. Loss Reason for Sales Cycles Revenue
  C. Lost Revenue by Quarter
  D. Lost Revenue by Quarterly Revenues
Ans:  A,C

24. Standard Pipeline Sourcing Dashboard shows which of the following ? (2 answers)   
  A. Marketing Opportunities by Sources of Quarter
  B. Revenue Generation by Quarter
  C. New Opportunities by Quarter
  D. Revenue Generation by Quarterly Business Orders

25. What is the benefit of integrating Savo with SAP CRM Sales Opportunity  in SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1 ?
  A. It helps sales team collaboration in Rating and statistic function to identify the best results.
  B. It helps sales representatives getting perfect support in closing deals.  
  C. The right tool for the right User Experience targeted conversations with buyers.
  D. It helps sales representatives &enables brand owners to increase the effectiveness.
Ans: B

26. What is the benefit of central Shared Tools  with SAP CRM EhP1 ?
  A. Share Tool enables you to share status indicator.
  B. Share Tool enables you to share Interactive Report Functionality links.
  C. Share Tool enables you to enhance Tile layout personalization.
  D. Share Tool enables you to share your Favorites, Reports, saved Searches, Tags with others users.  
Ans: D

27. What are the main features of marketing calendar with SAP CRM EhP1 ? (2 answers)
  A. It allows you to create new Action Menu.
  B. It allows you to view marketing competitive address plan.
  C. You can overview all promotional events within a certain time range.
  D. It allows you to create new promotions or campaigns by creating a bar directly in the appropriate time range.

Ans: C,D

28. What is Relationship Segmentation for High Volume Segmentation SAP CRM EhP1 ?
  A. All the information is stored in one single group.
  B. All the information is stored in the target group contact person, organization, relationship.  
  C. All the information is stored in Favorites.
  D. All the information is stored in Assigned Tags table.

Ans: B

29. Which of these Option is not available in the new Marketing Calendar Interface ?
  A. Worklist.
  B. Marketing Analysis.
  C. Accounts &Products.  
  D. Marketing Performance.
Ans: C

30. Which  type of view is not available in the enhanced Marketing Calendar Interface ?
  A. List View.  
  B. Cluster - Type View.
  C. Hierarchy View.
  D. Type - Priority View.
Ans: A

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