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SAP CRM Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. What are the benefits of real time offer management (RTOM) with SAP CRM EhP1 ? (2 answers)
  A. Supports and manages the administration, distribution, and consumption process.
  B. Enhance cross/up sell and retention during inbound and outbound interactions.
  C. It help partners collaborate business process, to enable channel partners managing products links.
  D. Synchronize and improve offering across all interaction channels.
Ans: B,D

32. What are Object segementation in SAP CRM High volume segmentaion EhP1 ? (2 answers)
  A. Object segmentation allows you to use certain object attributes to model target groups.
  B. Segmentation based on objects is only possible when the objects are not in SAP CRM.
  C. Object attributes are stored in the target group.
  D. Objects assigned to the selected business partners are saved with the target group.
Ans: A

33. In Marketing Funds Management EhP1 with channel marketing fund process which of the following positions are involved to execute the process ? (2 answers)   
  A. Channel manager.
  B. Partner manager.
  C. Partner request manager.
  D. Partner execution manager.
  Ans: A,B

34. What is the new feature introduced with WEB UI EhP1 in SAP CRM ?
  A. Object Tagging  
  B. Power Users Administrators
  C. Embedded Rapid Application
  D. Enhanced Interaction Center Area
Ans: A

35. Which of the following EhP1 feature has integration with Google Maps ?   
  A. Google Mashup Integration.
  B. Google Social Integration.
  C. Web Mashup Functionality.  
  D. Google Networking Navigation.
  Ans: C

36. What are the following solution is offered by SAP with Vendavo Integration ?
  A. Pricing Management
  B. Price Margin Management  
  C. Conditional Price Management
  D. Vendavo Margin Management
Ans: B

37. Which of the following statement is true regarding EhP1 BP confirmation in call transfer scenario ?
  A. Calling customer will be confirmed from one agent when it is transferred from another agent.
  B. Customer calling will be confirmed by the IC manager.
  C. Customer calling will be confirmed by one agent only.
  D. Calling customer can be automatically confirmed when it is transferred from another agent.  
Ans: D

38. What is Web Mashup Functionality in SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1 ?
  A. It allows customers and partner to easily define new content that combines data and services from internal and external sources.  
  B. It allows to configure the mashup view via social network.
  C. It allows to Create Rapid Applications from Web Services.
  D. It allows to define mapping between Rapid Applications and exiting applications.
Ans: A

39. What are Checklists for Service Orders and Service Requests feature in SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1 ? (2 answers)
  A. You can Favorite the collection of direct links to predefined objects.
  B. You can Create a widget based on an URL or HTML/Java script.
  C. You can setup sequential or parallel service processing with a visual graphical flow.
  D. You can follow the sequence while servicing the customers in highly regulated industries.

Ans: C,D

40. What are the views available in Service request dashboard with SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1 Service Analytics ? (2 answers)
  A. Service request for
  B. Service request in
  C. Service request link
  D. Service request category
Ans: B,D

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