Friday, 4 September 2015

Latest Top SAP CRM Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. Which of the following EhP1 WEB UI deliveres end-user and power-user focused features ? (3 answers)
  A. Enhanced Extensibility
  B. Framework Documentation
  C. Tile Layout Personalization
  D. Code-free Dashboards
Ans: A,C,D

42. What are the benefits of Object tagging feature with SAP CRM EhP1 ? (2 answers)
  A. Object tagging feature is created for usability purposes but it is also a powerful tool for search optimization.
  B. Object tagging feature is used to Combine internal and external data and services.
  C. Object tagging is more advantageous to use in terms of Search Optimization against traditional navigation bar.
  D. Object tagging feature is used UI configuration and mapping.
Ans: A,C

43. What actions are available from the tag cloud tray in Object tagging EhP1 ?  
  A. My Cloud, Search for, Search for Objects, Popular, My recent.  
  B. My cloud, Search, My recent, New.
  C. Search, My cloud search, My recent, My cloud.
  D. Tag for cloud, My cloud, My recent cloud, My new cloud.
  Ans: A
44. What is tile layout feature in SAP CRM WEB UI EhP1 ? (2 answers)  
  A. Tile layout feature is used for specific needs to built templates.
  B. Tile layout feature is used in the Interaction Center Agent role based specific needs of this user group.
  C. Tile layout page consists of several tiles while every tile can contain one or several assignment blocks.
  D. Tile layout feature is used to Monitor the business with activity.
Ans: B,C

45. What is the benefit of integrating Business Object Xcelsius Dashboard within SAP CRM ? (2 answers)
  A. You can create custom and role based marketing performance dashboards.
  B. Enable customer-focused collaboration.
  C. You can publish and share dashboards with other SAP CRM users.
  D. Improve responsiveness with activity streams.
  Ans: A,C

46. Which of these are SAP On Demand solutions?
  A. Sales on Demand  
  B. Sybase Unwired Platform
  C. Sale On Demand  
  D. None of the above
Ans: A

 47. How does SAP CRM benefits from SAP HANA and Business Objects explorer?
  A. Monitor pipeline data
  B. Analyze data and view reports in real time
  C. Analyze pipeline data in real time  
  D. Analyze and react to pipeline changes in real time  
Ans: D

48. What are the key areas in SAP CRM?(Multiple Answers)
  A. Finance
  B. Sales
  D. Service  
  Ans:  B

 49. What is SAPs next generation platform?
  A. Business Objects 2.0
  B. Business one
  C. Sybase Unwired Platform  
  D. Sales on solutions  
Ans:  C

 50. Latest Social Media Integration offerings for SAP CRM?(Multiple Answers)
  A. SAP Social Media Cockpit (Twitter)
  B. SAP Marketing Connect (Facebook)
  C. SAP service marketplace (Google+)
  D. SAP campaign management (My Space)  
  Ans: A,B

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